COVID19 The Most Severe Stage

COVID19 the Most Severe Stage

COVID19 the Most Severe Stage means the Lungs are closed inside and out.

This stage of the new corona virus – COVID19 the most severe state – is the most dangerous. Most people in this stage are closely monitored by health care professionals and are probably in the hospital. The Chinese called this stage “Lungs Closed in and out”.

At this point, mucus in the lungs has thicken, effectively blocking airways and making it difficult to breath. Cilia cells, designed to move out mucus are damaged and ineffective. There is likely chest pain. Sticky glue-like fluid has filled the chest cavity. Organ function is liable to be weak or even shutting down. A very difficult state.

Symptoms at this stage include

  • Asthmatic breathing or gasping for breath
  • Chest pain
  • Cold sweaty limbs
  • Fainting
  • Irritability
  • Dark purple tongue
  • Thick greasy, dry tongue

A Dark Purple Tongue

When the tongue is dark purple or blue it means there is severe fluid stagnation. It’s an indication that oxygen levels in the cells and in the blood is extremely low (called hypoxia).

COVID19 attaches to the cell through ACE2 receptors (See the post on how COVID19 operates). Through a complicated process, our cells generate large levels of hydrogen peroxide and superoxide radicals. This means that instead of H20 we now produce H10, which does not nourish the body. As a result the cells that line blood vessels (called endothelial cells) become porous and organ and cellular integrity is lost. This all causes massive damage to the lungs, but also compromise lymph and spleen tissues.

The Lungs Operate as a Pump

The lungs are a major pump in the human body. The process of breathing, with the rise and fall of the the diaphragm and the expanding and relaxing of the chest act as a catalyst for all movement in the body.

The pumping of the heart, along with the movement of breath help regulate lymph movement while the body is at rest. When breath is restricted, the heart is unable to fully circulate the blood. Blood begins to pool, and circulation becomes sluggish.  With poor lymph movement, toxins become stagnant, the kidneys become overworked and we become susceptible to septic shock and organ failure.

Proceed with Gentle, Loving Kindness

When vitality and organ function is very low, we need to proceed gently.  As caretakers we want provide as much comfort as possible.  Nourishment, love and support are at the top of the list when folks are seriously ill. 

As for herbs, low dose herbs, soothing compresses and comforting foot rubs are likely indicated.  But it is love that makes all the difference.

When COVID19 reaches the severe stage, the ill person may or may not be conscious. Chances are, even if they are conscious, they are too weak to eat. Nourishment can be provided by placing small amounts of warm broth and warm water on their lips. If in the hospital, they will likely be on a ventilator with IV fluids for support and nutrition. 

It’s sad that we cannot offer love and support to our loved ones in the hospital.  I understand the need for precaution, But I also know that at these times people need to know that they are loved.  Especially when they are choosing to stay or leave.

Suggestions that may help in the Most Severe Stage of COVID-19

  • Keep everything warm.
  • Continue to warm and thin mucus.
  • Try to drain the thinned mucus as much as possible (if not on a ventilator).
  • Continue with the same warming, stimulating herbs.
  • Try to get lymph tissue moving.
  • Support the person through any fear and/or anxiety they may be experiencing.

Herbal Dosing for the Seriously Ill

When people are terribly ill and near death, they will probably not be able to swallow a capsule or even take some broth.  So, depending on their level of consciousness and vitality, doses will need to be very low. Where previously the dose may have been 30 to 90 drops, or a cup of tea, now we are looking at drop doses. Too much of anything in such a weakened state can be taxing for the body. 

Drop Doses

1-5 drops of a tincture or tea applied to sensitive areas on the skin (like the wrist) may help without overtaxing the body. Botanicals can be applied to the bottom of the feet, the inside of the wrist, over the kidneys, abdomen or under the tongue.

Bathing the face and body with warm water to which herbs have been added may also be helpful. Use a watered-down solution by adding ¼ to ½ extra water to the herbal solutions.

Make an Herbal Compress

Begin with a regular tea or infusion to which an extra part water has been added. Dip a soft cloth in the herbal solution, wringing out any excess water. Place the cloth gently on the forehead (or any part of the body). Use the same solution a body wash.

Be sure the temperature of the infusion is comfortable and warm. Not Cold and not hot enough to burn. You can also try adding a few drops of tincture to warm water in the same manner.  Click here to review the herbal suggestions from the previous post COVID-19 Closing of the Lungs.

One possible wash infusion
1 part Angelica and/or Monarda
1 part Red Root
1 part Fenugreek seeds
1 part Lavender or Violet Flowers
Mix herbs together. Pour 16 ounces boiling water over 1-ounce herb.  Cover and let steep for a minimum of 20 minutes.  Add equal parts of water to make the water warm but will not burn the skin.  Use as an herbal compress or skin wash.

This formula is a suggestion only and is not intended to be prescriptive or to take the place of medical intervention. Its always best to keep your doctor in the loop, especially with this disease. COVID-19 at the severe stage is highly dangerous and can cause death.

Onion Plaster for the Severe Stage of COVID19.

Onion plasters are easy and highly beneficial. Here is a video that tells it all.

Try to Get the Lymph Moving

The lymph system is made up of 500 to 600 “nodes”, in addition to the spleen, tonsils, thymus, and adenoids.  It’s effectively the body’s garbage system. And acts as filter for dangerous toxins, including bacteria and viruses. A healthy flow of lymph supports the body’s immune system and is critical to our ability to heal. 

My favorite low dose herbs with a beneficial effect on lymph drainage are Poke Root and Red Root. Other herbs that support lymph drainage and flow include Ocotillo, Chaparral, Osha and Lobelia.

Poke Root Phytolacca decandra

Poke Root to stimulate lymph movement in COVID19 the Most Severe Stage
Image by Goran Horvat from Pixabay

Poke root is a very strong herb, always taken in drop doses (even in times of relative health). It is indicated when a deep persistent, stagnant infection is present, especially with the color purple.  Poke root stimulates lymph drainage, reduces lymph congestion, and helps to clear fluid buildup.  This herb is often used to reduce the inflammation associated with viral and fungal infections and supports the repair of the mucus membranes. Start with 1 or 2 drops.

Red Root Ceanothus spp

Red Root is a lymphatic decongestant and anti-inflammatory with astringent properties. And is often indicated when lymph congestion interferes with the vitalization of blood. Red Root helps remove liver, spleen and lymph congestion while helping to open respiratory channels. Many people find it useful when there is acute bronchitis and difficulty breathing or when there is wheezing. Start with 1 or 2 drops. Consider increasing the dose over time to 5 drops if there are no adverse reactions.

Lymph Message

Generally, lymph message in contra-indicated when there is acute illness. However, I do think gentle, loving touch may be very helpful, even comforting. Try using a very gentle touch to gently stroke the skin. Begin on the trunk working back and forth however you like. Then stroke and arms and legs in an up and down motion. (Very gently). After attending to the extremities, use your loving touch to stroke the trunk again. This is not an official lymph massage, but it may help. Only very gently pressure is needed to stimulate lymph movement.  The trick is to be gentle.  Feel your way through it and offer only loving support.  If it feels wrong or the person isn’t benefiting, stop.  It’s ok, simply being present with your loved one may be all that’s needed.

Drain the Mucus

In our last discussion about the COVID-19 stage called “Closing of the Lungs” we discussed several techniques to help loosen, thin, and drain stagnant mucus.  We also discussed fever management and several other techniques. Click here to review the techniques discussed in “Closing of the Lungs”.

The Crisis or Fear, Anxiety, and Hatred in COVID19 the Most Severe Stage

Based on reports from individuals who made it through to recovery, this virus or illness, at it’s most intense moment, seems to bring strong feelings of fear, anxiety and hatred.

Here is one mans account of the experience. “It was like a large, black cloud, almost like an evil entity, hovered over me. I asked, what are you? It responded, “I am everything that is hate in this world”. This man told the blackness that he did not believe in it. Asked his family to smudge the house, and the next morning he was on his way to recovery.

Feelings of fear and anxiety are not uncommon when breathing is difficult or obstructed. A presents of blackness often accompanies kidney exhaustion or failure. Which is essentially the same thing as a build up of toxic fluid in the body. Still, these reports seem more about overall energetic impressions in humanities field and less about personal feelings.

A collective clearing of the energy field

If you experience this kind of overwhelm, it might be helpful to understand that these feelings are not yours. They are not personal. These feelings are collective impressions being cleared by all humans everywhere and by society in general. In the reports I read, when individuals denied personal ownership of the blackness, while accepting its collective nature benefited. It moved on and They recovered.

I hope this has been helpful for you. Hopefully, this is the last of the difficult stuff presented by this illness. Although I recently got off the phone with a colleague who brought up some interesting points about mutations and unexpected viral actions some people are experiencing. More research will be needed before I’m able to address these issues.

Remember you can contact me anytime with questions or simply to talk by e-mail, contact or phone.

Blessings and health to you all




This information is based on reports coming out of China and Italy, reports by the CDC, the World Health Organization and the American Herbalist Guild. 

Many of the references are from notes received by the many herbal teachers including Michael Moore, Matthew Wood and Phyllis light.


The statements and ideas presented here are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. They have not been evaluated by the FDA. All ideas presented are for the sole purpose of education. To help you take control of your own health. If you have a health concern or condition, consult a physician. We suggest that you always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet, using any new product, drug, supplement, or doing any new exercises.

Herbs taken for health purposes should be treated with the same care as medicine. Herbal remedies are no substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle. If you are serious about good health, you’ll want to combine diet, exercise, herbals, a good relationship with your doctor and a generally healthy lifestyle. No one of these will do it alone.

This information is for educational purposed only. It is designed to be used as part of a complete health plan. No products are intended to replace your doctor’s care, or to supersede any of his/her advice or prescriptions.

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