Favorite Links

Favorite Links

Here are some of my favorite resource links for herbal and yoga therapy sites. This list is intended to be forever growing. However, there may be times when a link doesn’t work. Sometimes the folks on the other end simply aren’t there anymore. Please let me know if that happens . Also, please share your favorite links so we can really make a great list.

Herbal Information websites

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I have a website called the Outdoor Apothecary that I think you might enjoy. The Outdoor Apothecary aims to inspire naturally minded people to live with the seasons, become self-reliant, connect with nature, and protect their health through herbal living. We love celebrating “the old ways” of living to bring blessings to ourselves, our families, communities, and to Mother Earth. We offer articles, tips, recipes, and ideas on practical self-reliance, simple herbal remedies, foraging, gardening, and reconnecting ourselves to our natural world and sacred ancestral traditions. Please check it out. outdoorapothecary.com

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