The Benefits of Mantra and Chanting

benefits of manta and chanting

The practice of mantra and chanting is experiencing a new popularity in modern spiritual and yoga practices today.  But they are not new.  Mantra and chanting can be found in almost every ancient wisdom tradition.  These ancient, often musical power words and phrases can be found in traditions such as Sanskrit and the Vedas, Native American singing and the mystical sounds of the Gregorian Monks of the Roman Catholic Church, and more.

The word mantra can be broken down into two parts: “man,” which means mind, and “tra,” which means transport or vehicle. In other words, a mantra is an instrument of the mind, a sound or vibration used to enter a deep meditative state.[i]  When carefully chosen and used silently, mantras are said to have the ability to help alter your subconscious impulses, habits, and afflictions. Mantras, when spoken or chanted, direct the healing power of Prāņa (life force energy) and, in the Vedic tradition, can be used to energize and access spiritual states of consciousness.  

Benefits of mantra and chanting

Mantra and chanting affect all levels of the human system.  In Vedic traditions a model called Pancamaya (pronounced pancha maya) is used to describe the 5 main levels of the human system.   According to ancient teachings, these 5 levels move from gross physical form to a more subtle spiritual level.  And even though we talk about them separately, each one effects the others.  Thereby effecting our system and our lives as a whole.

Physical (annamaya)

A regular chanting or mantra practice improves the health and wellbeing of the physical body.  It Improves immune function, relieves depression and anxiety, enhances the nervous system, keeps the heart healthy, relieves symptoms of allergies, increases or improves digestion and elimination, gives a glow to the skin and helps a person to find their naturally healthy weight. 

Breath (prāņamaya)

Benefits of mantra and chanting

Chanting deepens the breath, especially the exhale.  When the exhale is lengthened, there is a relaxing sense of calm and oneness.  As a result, tension and stress are released and the damage of long-term stress is repaired.  Mantra and chanting improves overall breathing, helping relieve the symptoms of asthma and provides the body with more oxygen and nutrients.  The flow or movements of each system and action in the body and mind smooth out.  The movement of prāņa (the life force) is able to move smoothly, nourishing us at very deep levels and helping us access deeper levels of our being.

Mental (manomaya)

Use of Mantra and chanting effect the mind in strong yet subtle ways.  On a gross level, they help direct and stabilize our thoughts, increasing the ability to focus and helping break cycles of negativity.  On a subtle level, chanting helps deepen and calm the mental state while reshaping subconscious impulses.  The patterns and workings of the many levels of mind is thought to be the ground where physical reality or manifestation begins.  When chosen carefully, specific mantras and Vedic chants impact the energy behind how we choose to experience or manifest individual reality.  Chanting is especially useful for those dealing with mental difficulties such as PTSD, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, Alzheimer’s and mental illness.

Behavior patterns (vijñānamaya)

Patterns of behavior, conscious and subconscious, are key players in our personal experience of health and wellness or illness and dis-ease.   Our present lives are built upon happenings and feelings of the past, what and how we’ve been taught, and how we superimpose experiences, survival mechanisms, feelings, impressions, expectations, and hopes and fears onto the future.  This is called samskara in Sanskrit.  A regular mantra and chanting practice, over a period of time, helps bring light to difficult patterns and helps us stay present in the moment.  The mind begins to focus and relax.  The body feels better; our relationships improve.  We begin to choose who and how we will be in each new moment.  Our sense of wellbeing improves with an increased level of clarity.

Spiritually (ānandamaya)

Ᾱnanda means unending joy.  In my experience, unending joy comes from a connection with a spiritual power greater than oneself, a connection with the universal love and total acceptance that runs through the subtle material of all existence.  This is a gift from God and is experienced only when we are open to it in the present moment.  To experience this total oneness and connection silence is sought.  From this place of personal silence, love and connection fills us, letting us know it never left.  It is, was and will always be present.  Chanting and mantra helps us find this place. 

benefits of manta and chanting

It’s hard to explain.  Yet with the consistent practice of a carefully chosen mantra, conscious sound and vibration helps us find silence, connection and joy.  As a spiritual practice, chanting should be done on a regular basis for several months for its desired effects. It’s hard to explain.  Yet with the consistent practice of a carefully chosen mantra, conscious sound and vibration helps us find silence, connection and joy.  As a spiritual practice, chanting should be done on a regular basis for several months for its desired effects.

In the end, chanting and mantra is meant to bring us back to simplicity. We live in a complex world and it’s easy to get lost in the details. Mantras can help us circle back to a simpler approach to life and focus on the things that inspire, bring joy and truly make us happy.

To learn more about Vedic Chanting or how to use mantra to enhance your practice, contact Annie Here.

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