Yoga Sutra and Vedic Chanting Classes

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra

The Yoga Sutra is one of the definitive works on the instruction, practice and philosophy of yoga. Written by the mysterious Patanjali the text is somewhere between 2500 years and 5000 years old. This great spiritual text is a guild book, leading us to embody the purity of our dharma. With the understanding that our one overall dharma is to come back to ourselves as spiritual beings.

Patanjali was a sage and scholar. His aspiration was to distill ancient teachings, making them relevant to the people of his time. In ancient times, teachings were passed from teacher to student through oral transition. Sutras, or small aphorisms were given to the student to cement a memory of the full teaching. Sutra means string of thread, somehow complete with in themselves, yet leading subtly one to the next like a string of pearls. Much of the wisdom presented in the text was compiled from other more ancient wisdoms The texts lays out a direction, a path to liberation.

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Sutra of the Week

Each week we will highlight a yoga sutra with the goal of exploring these ancient wisdoms and applying them to our everyday lives.

Sutra of the week is a free video series.  Enjoy.

An introduction to our series “Sutra of the Week”. Where we will experience and discuss each sutra from an experiential, open hearted, point of view.

Yoga Sutra Chanting Tutorial

Each of the Yoga Sutra Tutorials are taught in a traditional call and response style.  To facilitate learning for beginners the sutras are presented in a simplified version as taught by TKV Desikachar.  Below is a short sample.

Yoga Sutra Tutorial, Complete Set


A word for word Chanting tutorial  of all 4 chapters.  Set in a traditional listen and repeat format. The complete set includes.

  1. A word for word tutorial of chapter 1 –  A $15.00 Value
  2. A word for word tutorial of chapter 2 – A $15.00 Value
  3. A word for word tutorial of chapter 3 – A $15.00 Value
  4. A word for word tutorial of chapter 4 – a $15.00 Value
  5. Easy to follow instruction of each word and for each complete sutra.
  6. A recording of each full chapter for you to follow along. 
  7. A printable pdf of each of the 4 chapters
yoga sutra tutorial set