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By Annie Jones, Herbalist
There are many ways to look at herbs and how to use them. When I first trained in Herbal Medicine, we learned the typical western model of “this is good for that.” This model isn’t much different from the Western Allopathic Medical model and strives to use herbs like little medicines. Each herb was studied in depth; we learned a lot about chemical constituents, herbal actions and western anatomy. All was great and useful information.
Still there were many unanswered questions. If you go to an herb book and look up a single condition, say arthritis or joint pain, the list of herbs given is staggering. The list is even longer if you look up something like anti-inflammatory herbs. How is a person to know which herbs to choose? After 3 years of study, I felt like I knew less than when I began.
At the same time in my life, I was practicing yoga and studying for my first 500-hour yoga certificate. The course I went to was good. We studied in a similar way as above. This posture is good for that. Like a prescription for different ailments, illness was addressed by stretching different muscles. Again I had many questions. It seemed like something very important was missing. Just how do we use this information to find true, lasting wellness for ourselves and others?
Continuing my quest, I was introduced to the healing yoga lineage of T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar. After attending my first few seminars, I understood that I knew very little. Truth be told, I still feel that way sometimes. There is always more to learn.
Over the next several years, I studied yoga as a healing modality and catalyst for practical change. Studying philosophy, Ayurveda, healing energetics, subtle anatomy, meditation, the use of sound in healing, how to personalize a program to fit the individual, and so much more. Eventually it all began to fit together and make sense. I now understand which herbs or practices are best suited to individual people and how to help facilitate lasting healing and change. Some of the most important things I’ve learned about healing are?
• There is always hope
• True change comes from within.
• We are more than our physical body.
• We are what we think we are.
• We are a product of our environment.
• Life is meant to be joyous.
• We as individuals have to be willing to make changes in our lives, to make room for change.
The principles and theories we’ll discuss in this blog aren’t new, in fact they are as old as time. Another thing to remember is that western science and herbal medicine are not at odds with one another. We don’t have to choose one or the other. Herbal therapies, lifestyle modification, Yoga and in fact most “alternative therapies” are complimentary with the western medical model and each other. Each has benefit and all come together for the benefit of the whole.
Annie offers individual herbal and holistic healing consultations both in person and on-line. You can contact her by email at annie@wondermentgardens.com