Herbal Share Program (HSP)

Wonderment Gardens Herbal Share Program

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Winter Box – Winter 2015 Herbal Share

Wonderment Gardens Herbal Share Program is based on the Community Supported Agriculture (SCA) model. For over 25 years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy local, seasonal food, and farming products directly from the farmer.   Wonderment Gardens herbal shares program (HSP) is based on this idea.  At Wonderment Gardens we offer a full line of quality hand crafted herbal products, fresh and dried herbs made with ethically wild crafted, garden grown and organic herbs. We are now pleased to offer “shares” to the public. In our program a one year membership would include 5 shipments during a year. One for each season plus a holiday gift box.  Or consider buying any of the Individual boxes and we will ship it anywhere as a gift from you.

Share box dates for 2015

Jan 15
May 1
July 1
October 1
December 7

Winter box
Spring box
Summer box
Fall box
(Holiday Box)

Each seasonal shipment would include a minimum of one each

4 oz salve of ointment
4 oz moisturizer of lotion
1 oz tincture
2 oz herbal tea
4 oz seasonal tonic or syrup
4 oz herbal oil
A specialty or toiletry product


$ 7

Our Fall Share for 2015 will include the following;

• 4 oz Saint John’s Wort Oil
• 1 oz Rose Cream
• 1 oz Arthritis Relief Ointment
• 4 oz Lavender Magnesium Oil
• 1 oz Ear Oil
• 1 oz Toothache Relief Tincture
• 4 oz Elderberry Cough and Cold Syrup. (With or without alcohol as you like)
• 2 oz Hot Flash hormonal balancing misting spray
• 2 oz Let there be balance tea
• 4 oz Sweet Leaf and Horehound Honey
• A sample bar of our new soap by Duffy’s Delights

A list of what will be in the box will be sent about 4 weeks before the projected shipping date.

***Substitutions are encouraged with 2 weeks’ notice by e-mail or written letter. ***

The Holiday box would be a surprise and would be worth a min of $30.00 retail

3 Cost Options
  1. $300.00 per share if paid in full (25% off retail)
  2. $100.00 down and 20.00 per month
  3. $95.00 per individual box
Membership or shareholders would receive the following benefits
  1. Free shipping for the Seasonal boxes delivered to their homes.
  2. 15% off additional orders to be included in their box (plus free shipping)
  3. 10% off on-line or mail orders made at anytime
  4. 10% off classes and events
  5. Encouraged substitutions.
  6. Information on the products and tips to their use.
  7. Monthly herbal newsletter
Full Share $300.00
Payment Plan $100.00 dn
Individual Box $95.00

Frequently asked questions about the herbal share program

The goal of the herbal share program is for you to have the herbs you need on hand when you need them. We understand that everyone and every situation is unique.  Communication is the key success.  If you have a question or a specific need, please ask and we’ll see what we can do.  Following are a few questions that have come up so far.

How do the substitutions work?

First, go over the list of what is included in your share box. If you’d like something else just send me an e-mail with a list of what you’d like instead in the share box.  If you have questions about what you want or what may be best for you in a given situation, please ask.  Don’t hesitate to e-mail, or you can call if you’d like.  We’ll talk about your needs and preferences so you can make the best choice possible for you and your family.

When making substitutions we will be looking at the retail value of products involved. You may substitute products of equal or lesser value to what is listed in the share box.

All substitutions need to be made 2 weeks prior to the boxes mailing date (I’ll send you a reminder).

Can I get different sizes than what is listed?

Yes, we’ll look at the retail price and the size listed. As a rule of the thumb about 2 of the smaller size for every large listed in the box.  As long as the retail price stays about the same, we’ll try to be flexible.  Again it will come down to communication.

Does the share box always need to be shipped to the same address every time?

No. We will always verify the shipping address with each share box.  You may have it shipped wherever you like.

You may even split the box to multiple addresses (with additional postage)

How do I know what products are available?

You can find all of our products listed online at wondermentgardens.com .  A good way to find what you’re looking for is to type a key word in the search bar at the top of the page.  If you still can’t find it, please ask.  I’ll always make time to talk to you.

How do I know how to use each product?

Included in each share will be detailed information and instructions on how and when to use each of the products in your share.

What are the ingredients for the products listed in the box?

All of the products and what is in them is listed online under the product description. A quick way to find it is to type the product name in the search bar at the top of the web page.  Ingredients will also be listed on the product information and instructions included with each share box.

Is there a deadline to purchase an Herbal Share?

No. You can buy into the herbal share program any time during the year.  We’ll keep track of your sign up date and send you a reminder when it’s time to renew.

Thank You for your Support & Business.
Annie & Daryl