coldSootherHoliday gift ideas from Wonderment Gardens

Happy Holidays! Looking for the perfect gift? Wonderment Gardens has put together a variety of holiday Sampler packs. Each pack is $30.00 and includes free shipping when ordered by December 8th. Order as many as you like and have them delivered to each person on your list with no extra charge.

Please make your Holiday order by December 8th to ensure Christmas delivery. 

For the Little Ones

  • Baby up to 3 years – 1 oz. Baby’s Tummy herbal extract sampler (for colic relief), 1 oz. Babies Teething Tincture, 2 oz. Baby Massage Oil, 1 oz. CTR salve (perfect for diaper rash, cuts, scrapes and bruises)
  • Children of all ages – 1 oz. Tummy Tamer herbal extract, 1 oz. Catnip Herbal extract (for fever, colds, flu, stomachache etc.), 1 oz. CTR salve, 2 oz. Organic Chamomile Tea, ½ oz. ear extract.


For Her

  • Healthy New Mama – 2 oz. Mothers Milk Extract or 4 oz Mothers Milk Tea, ½ oz. Peaceful Baby herbal extract sampler, 1 oz. Tension Tamer Bath and Body Oil.
  • For the love of Lavender – 1 oz. Lavender Moisturizing Cream, 4 oz. Lavender Oatmeal Scrub and 2 oz Lavender Lotion, 1 oz. Lavender bath and body oil
  • A Rose by any other name – 1 oz. Rose Moisturizing Cream, 2 oz. Rose Bath and Body oil (seasonal Item), 2 oz. Restful Times Herbal Tea and 4 oz. Rose body scrub (seasonal item)
  • Relax and Renew – 2 oz. Tension Tamer Bath Oil, 4 oz. WOW what a scrub, 2 oz. Sweet Dreams Tea, 2 oz. Lavender Magnesium Oil.


For Him

  • Men’s sampler Kit – 1 oz. CTR salve, 1 oz. Like a Log Body Oil, ½ oz. Skullcap Extract Sampler, 1 oz. Deep Heating Rub
  • Grumpy Old Man sampler kit – 1 oz. Simmer Down Tincture, 2 oz. Like a Log Body Oil, and 1 oz. Arnica Ointment


For the whole Family

  • Arthritis and Joint Support Sampler kit – 1 oz. Arthritis relief ointment, 2 oz. Lavender Magnesium Oil, 1 oz. California Poppy Extract, 2 oz. Yoga Oil
  • Bath and Body Holiday Sampler – 2 oz. Tea Tree Deodorant, 4 oz. WOW what a scrub, 1 oz. Rejuvenation Cream and 2 oz. Calendula Hand Cream.
  • Individual Winter Cold and Flu herbal kit – (enough for 1-2 adults) – 4 oz. Elderberry Syrup (with or without alcohol), 2 oz. Herbal Decongestant Oil, 2 oz. Cold and Flu Tea, ½ oz. Breath Easy Herbal Extract sampler.


Family Size Gift Boxes $50.00 including shipping

  • Family Size Winter Cold and Flu kit – (for a family of 4-6) – 8 oz. Elderberry Syrup (with or without alcohol), 4 oz. Herbal Decongestant Oil, 6 oz. Cold and Flu Tea, 1 oz. Breath Easy Herbal Tincture


* Substitutions allowed as available 




Introduction to Vedic Chanting?

Vedic Chanting is the chanting in Sanskrit of mantras and passages from the Veda-s and Upanishads. It is a particular form of chanting, which has been preserved virtually unchanged through thousands of years, by adherence to the form (the rules) and direct transmission from teacher to student. It is a wonderful and profound practice that connects us in a direct way to our innermost selves. Sanskrit is an amazing language, rich with layers of meaning. Every sound has significance; just listening to the sounds can produce beneficial effects. The experience of Vedic chanting makes it is easy to see why it has been considered such a powerful and sacred practice for millennia.

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