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Toiletries & More


For every problem, nature holds the answer. Most often this answer is in your own back yard.  South Dakota is a pretty big back yard. This is a completely natural blend of herbal infused vegetable oils, herbal extracts, and essential oils.

Ingredients – Pennyroyal (Hedoema pulegioides), Catnip (nepeta cataria), olive and almond oils, Neem oil, alcohol, and an essential oil blend that includes Citronella, Geranium, and Lemon Grass.

1/2oz. Roll-on $10.00
Small Spray $10.00
Large Spray $15.00


For relief of Hot Flashes and other menopausal and symptoms.  Helps balance hormonal system. Mist face and body as needed.

Ingredients – Water, Rose (rosa spp.), Geranium (Pelargonium graveolens), Peppermint (Mentha × piperita), and Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea).

1oz. Hot Flash $12.00


Wonderment Garden’s Lavender Magnesium Oil is made with pure Magnesium Chloride, Lavender, and purified water. Even though Magnesium oil feels oily, it is not an oil.

It is estimated that nearly 70% of the healthy population of the United States does not take in or retain recommended magnesium levels. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency can include muscle cramps, facial tics, poor sleep, and chronic pain.

How to use Magnesium Oil.

Spray magnesium oil on your arms, legs, and stomach daily.

You may experience a tingling sensation when you first start using it. That’s perfectly normal and short-lived; the effect fades after 10 to 20 minutes. After a while of routine use you likely won’t experience the tingling sensation any more.

Use the magnesium oil liberally, starting with 6 to 8 squirts a day and building up to as many as 20. Magnesium oil will loosen your stool, so the test to determine how much you need to apply is to simply watch your bowel movements. If they turn too loose, then back off the magnesium a little.

After application you may notice a slight salt-like mineral residue remaining when the solution dries. This is normal, especially in dry climates or heated indoor areas, and varies with the amount of magnesium oil applied at one time.

If you would like to avoid this mineral residue, simply apply magnesium oil 20 minutes prior to showering each day. After 20 minutes, the majority of the magnesium ions will have been absorbed and you may rinse the solution off during normal showering or bathing. You may also choose to remove the mineral residue after 20 minutes by wiping the skin with a damp washcloth.

Benefits of Using Magnesium Oil

1) Easier, deeper sleep

2) May reduce symptoms of chronic pain and fatigue

3) Protect system from a number of diseases associated with stress and aging

4) Helps body to maintain balance, avoid illness and perform well under stress

5) Decrease the need for deodorant

6) Helps us stay calmer and more centered

2oz. Magnesium Oil $6.00
 4oz. Magnesium Oil $10.00


Protect and heal your lips with this smooth, refreshing balm

Ingredients — Calendula infused Olive, Coconut and Almond oil with Comfrey root Symphytum officinale, Honey, Peppermint Menta piperta Essential oil and bees wax.

0.25oz. Peppermint Lip Balm $5.00


Take the sting out of the bite by dabbing a bit directly on the bite, applying liberal-ly to an entire area or add a tablespoon to a cup of water and use as a wash.

Ingredients – Alcohol, Water, Yarrow, Echinacea, and Catnip herbs with Tea Tree, Thyme Linolol, German Chamomile, and Lavender Essential oils

1oz. Smite The Bite $10.00


This all natural product is the perfect alternative to the chemical deodorants and antiperspirants sold in stores and without the health risks.
Aluminum and Paraben free, It’s made with all natural, skin loving ingredients that stop odor at its source and leaves you feeling clean and smelling fresh.
Cooling antibacterial and alkalizing agents work to nourish the body and balance ph. It glides on smoothly, goes on dry and absorbs excess moisture

Ingredients – Coconut oil, Castor Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Arrow Root and/or organic Corn Starch, Magnesium Powder, Bees wax, and Tea Tree Oil

2.5oz. Tea Tree Deodorant $12.00


Exfoliate while you moisturize with this Oatmeal and Sugar scrub specially suited for sensitive skin.

Ingredients– Sugar, Oatmeal, Calendula flowers Calendula officinale infused in Olive Oil, Sunflower, Avocado, Almond, and Coconut oils with Comfrey root Symphytum officinale, and Shea Butter with Geranium Pelrgonium graveolens, Myrrh Commiphora myrrha and Patuchouli Pogostemon cablin essential oils

2oz. Wow What A Scrub $6.00