Children’s World

The herbs we use for children are usually much gentler; the dosages are based on the size, age, state of health (or illness) and constitution of the child, and the strength of the herbs used. There are several ways to determine the dosages. Most experienced herbalists rely on years of experience and intuition. Below is a chart to provide the home herbalist a sound guideline to help you determine dosages for children of all ages.

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Dosage Chart

This is not professional advice. We only offer the suggestions of an herbalist who has used herbs for years to treat family, friends, and clients with natural healing.

Ear Extract

Made with Mullein flowers and garlic. Place a few drops in the ear in the event of an ear infection, ringing of the ears or loss of hearing due to the buildup of wax. For External Use Only!

1 oz. Ear Extract $12.00
2 oz. Ear Extract $20.00

Ear Oil

Made with fresh picked mullein flowers and garlic in olive oil, this blend with help to ease ear pain associated with infection and wax build up. For External Use Only!

1 oz. Ear Oil $12.00
2 oz. Ear Oil $20.00

Peaceful baby

Helpful for both mom and baby. Made with Chamomile, Catnip, Fennel seeds and Lavender. This gentle blend, great for colic relief also reduces discomfort associated with teething, including sore gums, irritability, sleeplessness, tummy ache and fussiness. Also helpful if the baby has a fever of cold accompanying teething. For your baby put 1 dropper full of tincture in 8 oz water and give mixture by the dropper. If breast feeding, mom can take 1-2 droppers full of tincture 3-4 x per day. Baby will get the medicine through the milk and you will both be calmed.

1 oz. Peaceful Baby $12.00
2 oz. Peaceful Baby $20.00

Baby message oil

Baby message and oil application helps digestion, wards off infection, build immunities, and keeps the skin soft and moist.
Made with Olive oil, Almond oil, Lavender Flowers lavendula angustifolia, Calen-dula Flowers Calendula officinale, and Wild Roses Rosa spp.

1 oz. Baby Massage Oil $4.00
2 oz.Baby Massage Oil $6.00
4 oz. Baby Massage Oil $10.00

Catnip tincture

A classic children’s remedy used to treat colds, flu, fever, anxiety, stomachache, restlessness, flatulence, diarrhea, colic and sore throat.

1 oz. Catnip tincture $12.00
2 oz. Catnip tincture $20.00

Chamomile tincture

Calming, soothing and relaxing to almost every part of the body.  Helps relieve gas and indigestion, decrease inflammation, and supports the nervous system.  A nifty plant.

1 oz. Chamomile tincture $12.00
2 oz. Chamomile tincture $20.00