Health Consultations

Annie Jones is a clinical herbalist and is available for herbal health consultations. When you schedule an appointment, Annie will send you an Intake Form. Please complete this form and mail or e-mail it back to her at least two days prior to your consultation.

During the initial consultation we will discuss your health concerns, symptoms, and health goals. These may be acute or long-term issues, or you may want to learn about ways to support your general health. We will review your general well-being, body system’s health and function, medical history, family health, any test results, other health care, diet and lifestyle. Through this detailed discussion we can gain an understanding of your health picture, the potential causes and roots of health imbalance, and how herbal medicine may be helpful to you. We will work together to determine how best to approach your health concerns. The initial consultation typically takes 90 minutes to two hours.

Following the initial visit, I will create a personal health and care protocol to address your acute or chronic issues, health goals, and priorities. These recommendations may include appropriate botanical supplements, individually customized herbal formulas or single remedies, nutritional and lifestyle guidance, health information, and/or referrals to other resources and health practitioners as appropriate. As an herbalist I do not diagnose, prescribe nor treat, but rather recommend, suggest and educate.

Follow up consultations average 30 minutes to one hour. Phone or email follow-ups are available. It is very important to make sure the plan is working for you and that you are comfortable with it.

Our work together is always client-centered. You are encouraged to explore your individual health situation and needs and actively participate in your health care choices.

In Person, Skype and telephone consultations are available.

Short consultation

Brief herbal consultations are useful to schedule quick follow-up and repeat formulation, or in some cases to address acute and self-limiting health concerns.


One hour Consultation
One hour Consultation
One hour private Consultation
Natural remedies

Natural remedies


The cost for consultation is $60.00 per hour. The initial consultations range from $60.00 – $90.00 and usually average 90 minutes to 2 hours. Follow up consultations are generally 30 – 60 minutes long.

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