Autumn and our life cycle

Autumn and our own life cycle

Hello my friends,

Fall is traditionally the time to go inward, distilling our essence and lives for fertile new growth. Plants do this by going to seed and releasing their essence. Perennial plants turn their energy inward to the roots, saving themselves in a dormant state through the winter.

People prepare for winter in a variety of ways. Gardeners harvest, put up foodstuffs and save seed. Some folks put up firewood, others get a tune up and put snow tires on their cars.

No matter how you prepare we all have a few things in common

  1. We take stock of where we are and what we have. In the process we identify what is or is not working in our lives.
  2. We decide what we want. And how we wish to experience our lives.
  3. Plan how we’re going to get there.

These are internal processes. Many of us that have overstretched ourselves ask how best we can conserve our energy. I ask myself this all the time. How do I stay balanced, what is the best use of my time and how can I move through each moment of my life consciously with love and an open heart?

For me it is a practice, a practice that helps keep my mind and life on track. The answers always change. Life is fluid. When I go inward each day, it is easier to stay balanced and connected with what is presently in front of me.

This is what I do.

  1. Take time each day to connect with my true self.
  2. Read inspirational or spiritual literature.
  3. Practice ahimsa (non-harming).
  4. Chant or sing (sometimes dance).
  5. Connect with family, friends and colleges that support me on my path.
  6. Practice self-reflection.

When I do, I stay balanced and am able to listen and communicate. The difficulties and roadblocks in life seem not so great. The blessings are noticed more often, and joy grows in my heart. As a side benefit, my products are of higher quality and potency, employees are happier and more productive, and life just flows more smoothly.

During the upcoming months, you will see some changes at Wonderment Gardens. Some things will stay the same. We are excited about the changes. We hope you like them too. If you have any requests, needs or suggestions, please share them with us that we may better serve you.

[wpanchor id=”yoga”]The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Chapter 1

yogaTuesday evenings: November 3 thru December 15, 2015

Location: the Blue Bird Mesa, 549 Cold Brook Street Hot Springs, SD 57747


Compiled around 400 BC, The Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali are considered by many to be a definitive work forming the foundation for classical yoga. In its 196 Sutras the author has condensed the essential philosophy and technique of Yoga in a marvelous manner. Each aphorism is a precise and practical statement packed full of meaning. Each strung together like a string of pearls leading the student to ever deepening understanding and contemplation.

The Sutras Present Yoga as a complete system of spiritual psychology. This great work offers profound insights on the nature of the mind, as well as a pharmacopeia of suggestions for reducing suffering and cultivating More Sustained Joy. These teachings are as applicable in the modern world as in ancient times.

Chapter 1, Samadhi Pada contains 51 sutras. As a foundation for the text it offers a rich overview of the many tools and strategies on which Patanjali elaborates throughout the entire work. In this profound introduction, he defines Yoga and discusses its many benefits. He offers a variety of short-term solutions to the many obstacles that may arise on the path, describes various functions of the mind and elaborates on the experiential nature of yoga practice.

This class is appropriate for beginning and intermediate students. During these 7 weeks we will introduce each sutra with a brief word by word meaning and discuss how it relates to us in our everyday lives.

Cost – Suggested Donation $75.00 for the series

Yoga Series
Yoga Series
Suggested donation for the series

Drop-ins only with permission

For information or to register please contact:

Annie Jones – Email, Contact page, or call 605-673-2831

A limited number of scholarships and trades are available. It is our intention to make these teachings available to all that are interested regardless of economic or financial status.

Thank you

Annie Jones

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